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But the worst thing is that they give the kids IPADS and make parents sign that we will pay 700.00 in the event it is lost or stolen or damaged. My DS refused to take his home, so I got a similar contract that said I'd be responsible for it while it was at school at all times. NO WAY! How can I be responsible for a piece of school equipment. I refused to sign, and got the answer that "we were just seeing how many parents WOULD sign". Apparently I was the only one who balked.

Our public elementary tried to pull the same thing on us when they offered to issue ds a laptop for his accommodations - it was an ancient laptop that wouldn't even hold charge, and they wanted us to sign to replace it at the cost of a *new* laptop to an individual purchaser if he happened to break it. Sooooo completely ridiculous!

In the case of iPads, one of our families transferred in from another school district where students had school-issued iPads, and the cost of insurance through a program the school could purchase was actually rather low. Definitely not $700!