What really kind of drives me bonkers about this is that wireless devices are prone to extensive abuse-- but there are e-readers out there that are rugged and NOT wireless.

I know because we have a pair of them. They have to be loaded with content, sure. But that also prevents them being used for other purposes like websurfing and social media.

They are compatible with EPUB formatting, including everything on Project Gutenberg, and not a little from public libraries with digital collections.

I get that there is now research suggesting that hey, e-readers are not identical to paper-based reading, and that for some kids that is a good thing (on the other hand, if we're willing to believe that conclusion, then kids on the other end of that particular spectrum are probably HARMED by a paperless model, right?).

I'm just not yet ready to believe that wireless, web-capable mobile devices are a good substitute for the other things that used to be going on in classrooms.

Schrödinger's cat walks into a bar. And doesn't.