I agree that it is about monetization, but I believe it goes well beyond that, to control. There is much observation and tracking possible when putting technology into student's hands... as compared to good old fashioned book learning.

For example, schools can use technology to monitor students:
- software can track the number of minutes spent on each page and assignment, as well as the number of times each page/assignment was visited.
- IP address and keystrokes/clicks can be recorded.
- Websites visited can be tracked.
- Government schools have the ability to remotely activate video cam and microphone... schools may turn on the device camera, microphone, etc, then watch/listen in your home.

Parents may wish to inquire as to a school's written policies and privacy statements, or data collection tracking usage of the ipad, computer, or specific educational software. Parents may also wish to disable microphone, and/or use a cam patch to avoid unauthorized video/recording of their child and/or conversations within the presence of the ipad/computer.