Atlantic Feature: "Students are Hacking their School-Issued iPads-- Good for Them"

Even though much of their unfettered iPad usage in these recently publicized hacking cases involved, as The LA Times put it non-schoolwork and as NPR dismissed it entertainment, its important to recognize how students do learn with technology. It isnt simply a matter of a digital version of analog lessons and readingssomething implicitly presumed by the Los Angeless school system's plan to limit the tablets, when taken home, to curricular materials from the Pearson corporation, which are already installed."

Interesting indeed. So-- Apple exclusive licensing, paired with Pearson exclusive content on those devices. Wonder how much THAT is costing...

And in reading the comments to the article above (which makes some interesting observations, including the one I posted above), I also tumbled into this blog post:

Schrdinger's cat walks into a bar. And doesn't.