Is anyone really surprised by this turn of events? Some students in our district apparently had them unlocked/hacked by the end of the first day of class-- at least at the middle school level.

My DD has rewritten an Avenue Q song about that, Dude. But it's probably not family-friendly enough to post here.

Well, perhaps without the chorus, it would be okay.

My new iPad is really, really great
--For {response}
with wireless connection, I don't have to wait!
--For {response}
I browse the school-day through;
--For {response}
there's always something new!
--Like {response}
School's now expanding my worldview...

Because "your new iPad is for..."

well, learning. But other things that can be found on the internet, too. wink

Schrödinger's cat walks into a bar. And doesn't.