sgraphia is basically a challenge with developing automaticity - dysgraphic people need to repeat repeat repeat and repeat again to learn skills that take neurotypical kids very little repetition to become automatic. This shows up most often in handwriting, but that challenge with needing to repeat repeat repeat because of lack of automaticity can show up in other areas like spelling. And that's what spell check and word prediction gives my ds - he sees the words spelled correctly more often and over a much longer extended period of time than with a spelling test

Interesting. Thanks for the insight on all of this! As a natural speller whose oldest child is a natural speller and a prolific and talented writer, I have no insight into any of this. I may need it (not sure), because my younger child doesn't seem to be quite the same. His oral spelling is amazing--really--for 5, but when he writes he makes a lot of mistakes. Of course, he's FIVE--but it's a bit concerning to see the gap between what he "knows" orally and what happens when pencil meets paper. We'll see. DD never had this gap, even at 5. What was in her head was what came out on the paper. But she has always had incredible fine motor skills.