My DS 7 used the class iPad and a keyboard in 1st to learn typing and then to help alleviate his output problems with writing. It's been wonderful, for all those parents needing accommodations for their dysgraphic kids, I would say the iPad has been an effective one. He still writes and practices writing but when he has to write something longer he doesn't get held up by it being painful or tiring. Even hunting and pecking as he was doing before he got going on the typing program, he had much greater writing stamina by typing on the iPad than writing. He will be competent in typing well before the time the school really teaches it and it then becomes a viable option for standardized tests. For K and 1st the rest of the class used it as extras as they use several Ed apps as part of choice time so kids are playing math and reading games. In his classroom it's just another tool to access learning. And the kids love learning math via app math games rather than mad minutes or the traditional route even if what it's doing is exactly the same.