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Just wanted to give a shout out for Deep Springs College. This is a 2 year college where students work 20 hours/week running a ranch. (And as far as I can tell they don't have a lazy river). (and it could be a good choice for some gifted students?). 20 hours of ranch work per week is probably a great stress reducer.

It is men only - but maybe there are other schools that follow this "anti-lazy river" model? It seems like an interesting way to go.
I don't think most of the Ivy's or top tier schools have lazy rivers. I know Harvard, Stanford, etc do not. But that isn't to say that don't have other lavish things. Deep Springs is small and very unique and only for a select type of student. Takes a student who WANT to attend this type of alternative college.

What about football teams. Football teams have little to do with academia. Cost huge amounts of money, lavish new stadiums are being build that often displace other athletics. Huge amounts of money is made on College Football that don't help the students. I'm not sure how students can study who are on the teams. Is going to a football game relaxing, stress reducing? Not sure I see what the advantage is for universities, professors and students.