I am surprised that the University of Alabama lazy river and water slide didn't make the list. Middle kid thought that looked pretty good. Combine that with Alabama's great merit scholarships and I would think the school would appeal to some GT kids. Middle kid is not going to apply, but that has more to do with the culture shock kids from her high school have experienced (coming from PA and going to the South).

I am not opposed to all NCAA sports. Eldest and middle kid have been recruited by DIII schools. When some DI programs greatly compromise academics to get certain athletic recruits, that is a problem, but this doesn't apply to the majority of colleges.

As for sushi bars, they already have those in our public middle and high schools. If the kids have that in their middle school cafeteria, they will expect that and a lot more at a college cafeteria.

Yes, college should be mainly about academics, but kids need some decent food and some fun. Middle kid and I just went on a campus tour today of an academically selective LAC, and yes, food was described on the tour. The selection offered sounded pretty good. The tour guide plays an NCAA sport, and my kid has visited campus before at a coach's request. Unfortunately, no water slides or lazy rivers at the school we visited. I think that would have sealed the deal.