But also....

"Las Vegas lands third, behind Orlando, Fla., and Washington, D.C., for top convention destination"...155,000 hotel rooms just in Orlando (not sure if that includes Kissimmee). And hospitality major is a type of business major...just specialized. I don't think it is a less rigorous major than any other business major (but I could be wrong). I had friends who were leisure/recreation majors. They probably could intern at the aquatics center....and theses education majors (laughing because I am a former ESE teacher). What I am saying is you can scoff at all sorts of majors....but my friend who has really sick kids adores the child life workers in the hospitals (leisure/rec is one path to that career).

And when people say UCF they don't realize there is UCF main campus....plus satellite campuses all over central Florida (just usually offering 3000 and 4000 level classes in select majors). Usually they are on the same campus as community colleges/state colleges.

Disclosure I did not attend UCF but do live. In FL