As much as we've talked about sushi bars and NCAA sports as completely non-academic reasons college tuition has skyrocketed, even at public institutions, I bring you:

Colleges with the craziest waterparks

Note that of the four colleges specifically mentioned in the article, only one is a private university. Sure, a successful undergrad from the University of Missouri might be a debt serf for life, but that's a small price to pay to hang in the grotto and pretend to be Hugh Hefner or one of his models.

The private college they mentioned teaches young earth creationism and has his-and-hers elevators, so their appearance on a "craziest colleges" list is entirely predictable, but earning it with their aquatic facility is a reason you wouldn't immediately expect.

This referenced link is worth a look, as it describes 30 facilities, is dominated by public schools, and doesn't stop the evaluation at the pool.