I hope these students don't end up $30K in debt and working at Starbucks.

Probably tactless of me, but-- I hope that they do. On the other hand, only because there are worse things. Like being unemployed and $50K in debt, I mean. eek

I will also say that when DORM packages (mandated for freshman, by the way) are more than a year's tuition, um... something is off somewhere, certainly.

That's my guess at the OSU example given, particularly in light of how low tuition is. My guess is that annual institution costs are still a very healthy 20-25K for in-state students.

My DD's attitude is that the brand new rec center and the artificial turf intramural fields... are grossly excessive. Disgustingly so. Club Med, here we are.

On the other hand, the new classroom building is WAY cool, and much needed.

Schrödinger's cat walks into a bar. And doesn't.