Another update, since some things have changed. I thought I'd come back and let you know what's going on since everyone has been so helpful here:

1. He has started pulling hair. He does it more at school and the reason he gives: he's bored. His grades are starting to go down and his enthusiasm about school is very low at this point. It's very worrying and we are working on helping him with his therapist and psychologist.

2. We decided on putting him in Sylvan for enrichment tutoring. He's been there for a month and is really enjoying it. They tested him and found that he's on an 8th grade level (he's in 4th grade), and they are working on knowledge gaps. I talked to the director today and she said that they could get him some noise canceling headphones to help him concentrate (because it can get pretty loud in the center during that time slot). The tutor is also in contact with his math teacher.

3. The Director from PAGE gave me some really good information that we intend to take to the school district over the summer or next school year, along with his tutoring information and the private therapist assessment that is coming up (for learning disabilities). We are hoping this helps in our favor this time around, but I don't have my hopes up. I'm glad that he's getting some enrichment through tutoring, and we plan to keep going with it and maybe even add more days as we go through it.

Thanks for reading. I appreciate any and all advice.