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A few thoughts came to mind as I read your post.

- You earlier mentioned that he had not memorized his multiplication tables. Have you worked with him at home to support his learning?
- - If he is visual, you could help him "see" and "picture" the multiplication.
- - If he is auditory, there are songs for multiplication, that once memorized may easily come to mind when he needs to recite multiplication tables.
- - As an alternative, there is always classic "drill," the no-fun, timed tests from years gone by. wink Drill sheets can now be found online.

- If you believe your child may need or benefit from tests for learning disabilities or dyspraxia, you may want to focus on arranging for that, prior to changing schools.

- Are classes in his areas of interest and ability currently available from Northwestern CTD and/or JHU CTY?

- Are you able to home school?

- Regarding being bullied and an outcast - - Are you able to invite any child(ren) over to play, or plan a meet-up with one or more families at a local spot such as a pizza place, museum, zoo, or park? Are there any other groups of children he could meet (city recreation department, sports team, volunteer activity at pet shelter, church, etc)

1. I meant that his teacher said that he couldn't be gifted if he didn't have his multiplications memorized. He knows them without memorization since he was 3yo.

2. He is very visually oriented. The school knows, and we used many tools that are visual. He is not good with auditory instructions.

3. I have focused on finding an answer for my son over the past 8 months. It's surprisingly difficult to find a private psychologist/psychiatrist who diagnoses learning disabilities in my area. Most people simply treat it. There is one person who can do it that I've found, but she wouldn't take the case until he was fully vaccinated. I recontacted her recently, and I can't do anything until June. And nothing is in network, so I'm paying $2500 out of pocket to do this.

4. I'm attempting to get him into another school. Timing is timing. Homeschooling is not an option right now.

5. Covid is a major issue when it comes to play dates, sleep overs, etc. We don't go to church, and while we do museums and schools, he still wants a friend at school. That doesn't change. We try to make home life as fun as possible, but school is a different thing. We don't want to do another online class at CTY or CTD right now and interfere with school.

I guess I'm looking for how do I go about an IEE or making the school change their decision. The school makes a 504 but they didn't even talk to his teachers about his writing struggles. I had to go over it. Now he's ignoring assignments and not caring. Getting bullied on top of that just makes everyone worse.