1. I absolutely agree about change. We have been discussing the possibility of homeschooling next year if nothing gets changed, at least until we can find another school for him to go to.

2. My daughter wants to go to an art charter school the year after next. If that happens, we will have more freedom to move to a district that is more accommodating. That is, if he doesn't get into a charter school of our choice first.

3. I have had trichotillomania for most of my life. It started from anxiety and depression, and now it is simply a habit. We are hoping that since it started so recently, agressive therapy now will help my son to not have it become a habit.

4. We are waiting on two assessments: one for the learning disability and another to address the trichotillomania. Unfortunately, nothing moves quickly, so we are doing our best with redirection and finding ways for him to feel satisified in alternative ways.

5. Unfortunately, almost all of the enrichment he's had in his life has come from outside sources and never in school. The school has no academic clubs or extracurricular enrichment activities.

I definitely appreciate the information, especially from the other threads. It was really informative reading through them. I talked to the sylvan director about finding ways of making the experience more tailored to his specific needs and she was very enthusiastic about it.