It's been a while, but wanted to give an update:

The school has reassessed my son for a new 504 because of the new diagnosis for ADHD. I'm working with an advocate to gather information to request an IEE as well as a diagnosis of dysgraphia (writing continues to be his biggest educational challenge so far).

The school has continued to ignore his need for enrichment and challenge, so I have been doing what I can at home with programs, workbooks and games to help him progress. His recent map rit scores (3rd grade Winter) are 228 in math, 216 in reading and 215 in science (which they just added). Despite this, the school has kept him in a small group that is meant for kids with scores below his own (13 out of 20, with group 1 being the highest).

The new 504 meeting is in May, so hopefully I'll have more information then. Thank you to everyone who helped out.

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