I've given a copy of the report to the school district. I also asked to have a conversation with the head of Special Education services so that I could tell her what problems we've been having.

-She admitted that the school district hasn't been enforcing or following 504 plans.

-I told her that he needs some kind of enrichment beyond what little they are given him right now. She wasn't even aware that I was looking for a giftedness assessment.

-I also told her that I want him to have an IEP for his writing at the very least. That it's no good saying "he can type, use speech to text or orally answer" in his 504 if they never teach him how to type or offer him a speech to text program.

-I told her that I want more specific accommodations. "More time on tests" means nothing without a specific amount of extra time given.

-I was honest and said that I have been looking at other schools because I feel like he's being discriminated against at this point. Whether it's unintentional or through incompetence, his needs are not being met. I also mentioned the real evidence of direct discrimination against him by his 2nd grade teacher (who put him in a lower reading group for behavior, and not for need).

I'm not sure how well this will be received, but I'm not okay with him being continually ignored. I basically made it known that I'm going to escalate this as far as possible if it's not fixed. I got the papers to sign today to initiate the process, so we'll see how it goes.

Thanks everyone.

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