Very long time since last update, but I'm looking for any advice.

1. He's in 4th grade, and he's been talking a lot about how much he hates school. He's also refusing to do his schoolwork.

2. Writing is still a problem, and it's been very difficult to find someone here who tests for learning disabilities or dyspraxia. There's only one person who might be able to do it, but we would be paying out of pocket for testing.

3. He is being bullied and I've informed the school multiple times, but nothing was done about it until recently. However, he is an outcast at this point and is struggling to make friends at school.

4. Small groups at school turned out to be a bust. It only takes place once a week and they use it more for review and homework than enrichment.

5 He did very well in both of his classes from Northwestern CTD and JHU CTY, but we didn't want to overload him during the school year.

6. We have entered him into two different charter school lotteries, but our chances are slim.

I'm really worried about the fact that he's stopped trying at school. I don't know how to work with the school on it, because his teachers are convinced he's simply being lazy. I do feel like he's giving up.

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