In all fairness, this was the first time I have used an advocate. I can have him privately evaluated for dysgraphia (apraxia/dyspraxia) then go back to the school again and request another evaluation for an IEP, but the biggest issue after that is enrichment. The only real concession we got was the school allowing him into the STEM club a year early. The school relies on the teachers to provide evidence of giftedness, not the parents or anyone else. This is the problem, considering no teacher ever recommended him to be assessed in the first place. I did it based on a private psychiatrist's assessment. So it's almost set up to fail because the school completely relies on teacher's assessments as to whether or not he fits the definition of gifted in the state of PA. Which is how we end up in the situation where a teacher can think he's behind because he didn't memorize his multiplication tables.

I'm just not sure how to work with the school when they seem intent on doing the bare minimum at all times. At the same time, the only private school that would work for him is monetarily out of reach. Homeschooling isn't an option, because he hates it and doesn't do well.

Will an IEE help address both the writing issues and the need for enrichment? Or are we out of luck when it comes to the latter?

Spring Map Scores (3rd grade):

Math: 234 (99)
Reading: 220 (92)
Science 215 (95)

Edit: I did find some graphic organizers to help work with him over the summer. Thank you for the suggestion.

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