Here's some information on IEEs in your state:

The psychiatric evaluation would look at the ASD angle, and any other emotional/mental health diagnostic considerations. For a learning disability evaluation, you would need a psychoeducational eval (like the one that should have been completed in your school) or a neuropsychological evaluation.

A neuropsych could also look at the apraxia/dyspraxia rule-out, and possibly tease out the differential diagnosis among ASD, dyspraxia, anxiety, etc. In addition to the question of dysgraphia/specific learning disability--written expression.

You could try places like CHOP:

Just make sure to bring all of your existing testing with you, so they don't administer duplicate testing, which invalidates the second administration.

You may be able to get a pediatrician's referral for this. Make sure to include the concerns with his delayed fine-motor development, so the appropriate areas of suspected concern are assessed.

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