Thanks for replying ^^ He's always avoided drawing, writing and coloring ever since he was little. He caught up with speech when he was three and I would say his oral skills are above average from what others have said to me (it's hard for me personally to hear it because I'm around him all the time, if that makes sense). We've never had him evaluated for a specific problem, but issues at school and over the past few years with writing are what prompted the evaluation. I do have a private evaluation being done by a pyschiatrist in December. I just don't want him to fall behind in his writing by the time I can have him evaluated again at school. I don't know if she can evaluated for a learning disability or not, but at this point it's all I have. Btw I live in PA, if that helps. I'm not familar with the laws when it comes to education, but we can't afford to pay for a private evaluation.

I really appreciate everyone's help and suggestions. It's just disheartening because he's always been borderline ever since he was little and we've constantly been rejected for services and programs because of it.

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