I don't know that the cost of iPads can be justified, but my 10th grader was issued one at school this year. They just started the program last year - looks like they will issue them in 10th and kids will use them through 12th grade.

Aside from the fact that the school IT gurus "fixed" her iPad (one app would not download/work) and gave it back to her with five apps not working, it is going okay. Last year, the kids did some pretty neat multimedia stuff in the honors/AP/gifted classes. I also now see the use of Skype - my kid was able to collaborate on a group project yesterday afternoon without going over to another kid's home - they all could chat/view materials wherever they happened to be.

Likely not worth the cost, but then again this is a wealthy school district. Last year when my eldest applied for a need-based college scholarship granted through the high school, the application asked for the value and mortgage on both our primary residence and our vacation home (umm...we don't have a vacation home, but plenty of families around here do).