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IMO you need to settle on the SOFTWARE before you invest in the technology. There is a lot of good software for IPads but one should figure out how you want the kids to use the technology and to make sure the teachers are properly trained FIRST.

IMO, software isn't even the first consideration. First and foremost is, "What do you want your students to be able to DO?" This question precedes hardware and software choices, because those decisions flow from the previous one.

This iPad roll-out could have been a success if all they wanted to do was provide the children with access to Google using the least-expensive and most-accessible hardware, and they had bothered to answer all the legal and technical questions that flowed from that particular choice of hardware.

Note that there's been no discussion of software at this point. Once an investment has already been made in the hardware, THEN the further exploitation of it through additional software is a worthwhile conversation.