IPads CAN be used well in the classroom. But most teachers don't have the skill to do this. Or the correct software. I remember when my son was in 2nd grade and "computers" was the kids learning to login to the computer and play some "edutainment" games that I as a parent volunteer supervised. It was a complete joke.

On the other hand is his 6th grade gifted class they used ipads (they had just come out) & netbooks to do some very creative projects. The teacher was able to get the school to put in wifi to his classroom, and the kids were using technology is very creative ways.

As a programmer I've thought about this issue extensively. How best to use technology in the classroom. My experience it is mostly used as a research tool or for writing assignments.

A good example of "failed" technology. Is my kids high school invested in these smart boards with cool "remotes" for the kids. Ideally this allowed for many free form instant quizzes, and could give teachers instant feedback to how well the whole class was grasping material. Unfortunately the remotes needed batteries, and a few in every class always needed new ones and they couldn't be used. It only took a few weeks for the teachers to give up..

IMO you need to settle on the SOFTWARE before you invest in the technology. There is a lot of good software for IPads but one should figure out how you want the kids to use the technology and to make sure the teachers are properly trained FIRST.