We learned that our school was pushing for $$$ to get an iPad into the hands of every 4th/5th/6th grade student. Arghh.

I've worked in & around technology, including the computerization of untold number of accounting & p.o.s. systems for small businesses. I'm definitely pro-tech... but the idea of spending the $$$ on the iPads? Not liking it.

YES, kids can benefit from access to computers in school, especially those who have difficulty as many here have shared. But I have trouble believing that kids can benefit from having this device plunked in their lap for most or all (!) of the day.

After the announcement from our school that included an outline of the various fundraisers that would contribute to the project, I recalled a lecture by Clifford Stoll that I saw on C-SPAN 20+ years ago. Short version: he's not a fan of the idea! Couldn't find the original, but this is an interview on the same topic:
The topic really gets going at 2:26

I tried talking with the lead teacher and principal but they are not interested in hearing any dissent. Just for fun, I asked what measurable goals they expect to achieve as a result of the expenditure. "Goals? What are these things you call goals?"

Meanwhile, the music program is still broke and is only open to 6th graders with the money to buy/rent their own instruments. The library has very limited hours ever since the union forced the school to prohibit parent volunteers. The school grounds are in a constant state of disrepair because... the same cheerful union balked at the horrible parent volunteers stepping in to fix up the joint. Simply amazing.

But by all means, lets get the gadgetry in the hands of every child.

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