My DD8 aces her spelling tests with very little effort, but then misspells easy words when she sits down to write. This is, I am sure, because her school encouraged "inventive spelling" at the very beginning, and she's still falling back on that habit, due to laziness. And the more often she writes a word badly, the more deeply the bad spelling is etched into her brain. At some point, it can be assumed, they're going to hold her accountable for spelling, after they've spent years setting her up for failure in this regard.

I would be very much in favor of her using technology that checks but does not correct spelling, because she would get the chance to write words correctly, over and over again, and reverse the damage.

Why learn to spell if the machine will do it for you?

The machine I'm typing on is very little help at all for spelling, because work communications consist of too much jargon, command syntax, etc. that are unrecognizable to any dictionary. When you're overloaded with false negatives, it quickly becomes habit to ignore them all.