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I also, honestly, feel that spell-check and word-prediction have helped my non-2e child improve her spelling tremendously.

Do you think so? I'm not trying to be snarky. It just seems like the skill of spelling is in perpetual decline, which I suppose I would partly attribute to spell-check and word prediction. Why learn to spell if the machine will do it for you?

Some of our 2E kids need a lot of feedback and repetition to acquire skills like spelling that are not learned the typical ways. So, my DS definitely is learning spelling each time spell check corrects him. And he is learning how to spell things close enough for spell check to help him out. I believe that without spell check, he would just keep typing things incorrectly, getting those habits ingrained. With spell check, he is called on to correct the spelling each and every time.

My DS spells perfectly when doing it verbally. Ask him to write the same word a minute later and suddenly half the vowels are gone. Writing is not teaching him to spell the same way kids without his issues are learning it. So when he goes to write a story or an answer to a question there is extra effort that goes into spelling correctly that takes away from his writing - this doesn't seem to happen when typing - even if typing takes him as long. I'm with polarbear, DS is being helped to learn by a tool which allows him to express himself appropriately. My DS is gradually getting to be a better speller - but I couldn't tell you why or when words just stick - but ifhe is excited or wants to get his ideas out all that goes out the window - the act of writing is interfering.