Oh and just as an aside - people (writers) have been getting out of writing via technology for years and years and years ... When I started practicing as a lawyer obviously we wrote our briefs ect on the computer. The old guys were dictating into dictation machines... no one was *writing* LOL. IN fact they weren't even writing their notes or calendar just about all of them dictated everything including notes and calendar entries that their secretary then took care of "writing" (typing obviously). When I worked for a writer on his book he dictated his entire book that was typed by a secretary. All this 'fear' surrounding technology is silly... but my husband (computer engineer) says people have been afraid of technology forever so get used to it.

As a mother of a very bright boy with physical and neurological limitations to his ability to physically write it saddens me and downright frightens me, to hear a teacher say she absolutely refuses to consider ipads for the classroom frown

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