The conversation in this thread has taken a number of twists and turns and moved well beyond the post which I've been thinking about and wish to respond to...
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Imagine if these women were discriminated against because of a widespread belief, not challenged, that they would likely perform worse than a man.
Opportunities for individuals are objectively based upon the individual's demonstrated past performance. This may then be extrapolated to infer the individual's future performance. People are individuals, not demographic statistics.

Persons being equal does not mean they are the same in their individual characteristics. For example height, weight, ability. Tall people are more inclined to be successful basketball players. Height may be heritable. Would we call this "tall privilege" and tax it to redistribute WNBA player earnings to people of petite stature? Would we place height restrictions on WNBA players and insist on quotas of persons of average height for each team? Would we put stilts on jockeys and expect them to compete on a par with WNBA players? Viva la difference.

Girls can like dolls AND legos, they are not mutually exclusive. Some may say gifted girls will be most confident when they are pursuing their own hopes and dreams, which may or may not align with shattering gender stereotypes in career choice and hobbies.