Ditto! Bravo to binip, hat tip to Bostonian as well.

May I add one thing? Might this* apply not only to gender but also to culture/ethnicity? There may be a fine line between being culturally sensitive and buying into stereotypes. All people are individuals and deserve to be treated as such, rather than as demographic statistics.

*this = this section of the post:
There is absolutely no way to test the vast majority of claims about whether behavior is social or biological, because all of our behavior is a function of a larger social organism from which we cannot extract an individual without harming said individual.

Until we figure out a way to do isolate a baby from birth without harming the baby, I'm going to assume that my girls can do whatever boys can do intellectually. I don't have a good reason to think otherwise.

I've been glaring at them, telling them to buck up, and introducing them into play groups where girls are publicly shamed for playing with dollies to mimic the male experience.

Joking, of course. I don't think that should happen to any child, although about 50% of the population experiences that level of conditioning from birth. (Then we say they "naturally" behave differently.)

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