We got the results of the testing.

She diagnosed him with Dysgraphia and Processing Speed Disorder (because his ability to follow spoken instructions is a problem in school). She will also recommend he be placed in the gifted program and ask the school to limit school work and homework that involves rote memorization or repetitive work.

He tested at a 7 1/2th grade level for math.
He tested at the 9th grade level for reading comprehension.

She said that she will help us try to get him a GIEP.

His scores dipped a little bit on the WISC V (she said he was being a little careless on some of the tests). But it's still high enough we can make a case for enrichment. He got 18s on both block design and figure weights.

As soon as I get the report, I will take it to the school so we can get a meeting together. Hopefully this gets us meaningful changes to his 504.