Thanks for the update... what wonderful news on many fronts... very positive and encouraging!
Your child is fortunate to have your support and advocacy.

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... stopped making him do pointless homework. It was leading towards frustration all around, and I saw no need to push him on it. I told his teacher as much, as well.
Coincidentally, this dovetails with an idea or two in some grading reform material which has recently been brought to my attention.

In a nutshell, a defensible grading process clearly defines:
- The purpose of grading,
- Proficiency.

It then follows that grading the completion of "pointless" homework may be seen as punitive:
... - a form of discipling/punishing a student for not completing arbitrary and voluminous assignments,
... - a form of judging how a student spends time outside of school
... rather than functioning how grades "should" function:
... - a form of measuring/communicating a student's uptake and demonstrated understanding of the material.

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