Hi again. Since my son started the new school year, I wanted to update on what's happening:

1. We are currently going through the process of finding out whether his writing problem is dyspraxia or dysgraphia. We hoped that typing would help, but the thought to print process is still a major hurdle. The more we investigate, the more we think it might actually be dyspraxia, due to his motor weaknesses that he's had since childhood. We moved him from gymnastics to swimming because in 3 years of gymnastics, he hasn't progressed. We think swimming might be easier for him, as well as help him physically.

2. We have seriously looked into alternative schools in the area, including private and magnet schools. There are options, but we want to wait until he is out of elementary school before we act on them (especially because most of the magnet schools in the area don't start until 6th grade).

3. At open house last night, I found out that the school failed to inform the teachers of acommodations made in the 504 plan that had to do with writing. The reading and writing teachers were not aware that they needed to give him topics to write about, as well as lined paper to write on. I informed his therapist (who works for a therapy center that works directly with the school) and she said that she would help. She is also helping us with our search to find someone who can diagnose learning disabilies. We have found some places that can do IEEs, but we want to have all of our information about his needs first before we do anything.

4. The school has finally implemented small groups for reading and math, but I'm not sure how much it will help him, considering that he is at least one to two grades above level. I'm willing to give it a chance, but if we find that it is not working, I will go back to the school about it. I feel that there is this idea that "well, he's making good test scores and good grades, we don't need to give him anything else"...which is frustrating.

5. He took an online enrichment course with Northwestern CTD over the summer and did very well. This fall he will take one with JHU CTY and we will evaluate which one is the best fit for him in the future.

Thanks again for all the helpful suggestions I have been given. I really appreciate it.