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I had never heard of graphic organizers, but I've looked them up online and I think they will be great to use.
Graphic organizers and other helpful info presented by Understood.org (as linked upthread). It may be worth your time to explore that site a bit.

This is also GREAT advice...
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(Of course, the emotion can be part of the motivation, but it probably shouldn't be the decision-maker for your advocacy efforts, since emotion doesn't always fit well with strategic thinking.)
You may have better success with your advocacy efforts if you think strategically. For example, finding areas of agreement to build on, such as traits you observe and traits the school observes. Great stepwise detail at Wrightslaw and the crowd-sourced parent tips for advocacy, linked upthread. A school website may also be a great source of information, if policies and practice statements are posted online, and the gate-keeping criteria for various classes and programs are transparent. If wading through the information seems daunting, possibly your advocate could assist?