Hi Marieg,
Welcome! I'm so glad that you have a place to talk about all this - it's really cool and really a big deal.

You've gotten some great advice. I can second the Aleks.com for hole plugging - it's a great idea, and not taxing - you may need to look up a few things in 'homework help.com' or a text book from time to time, but it's great for 'speed learning/review.'

What a relief that she is 100% for 6th grade! But don't be suprised if some feelings come up between now and then. With her test scores, I would have been willing to reccomend some serious arm twisting if she hadn't been so confident. I like that Gross Article from Hoagies - remember when you read it, that those 'high-sounding IQ scores' are on an older test (SB-LM) but basically is exactly like what your daughter scored on her modern test. I call it 'old Coke v. new Coke' to keep it all straight in my mind. You don't really have to understand all the nuances, just keep in mind that the scores you posted are just as high for the modern IQ tests as the kids that Gross Studies. You may want to get your hands on the raw data from your test and get 'extended norm' scores to help you keep track as you read through the older literature. (there is a post about that on it's own topic from today)

As for Aftercare - I totally sympathize. The only way to know how supervised the programs are is to observe them or at least chat up the teacher. Perhaps there is a library or a private aftercare that would work better, but if the 12-14s are well supervised in their aftercare programs, it may be ok. Can she start with the older kids, and have the option of visiting the younger group, perhaps in a helping role, at 3pm?

As for keeping a foot in the 5th grade world, there seem to be some children who are 'citizens of the world' and hop around with glee, and others, like my son, who just want to 'fly under the radar' and really identify with their grade. After all, we use the same word to sort children in schools as we do for sorting eggs, and I can feel a not-so-subtle vibe of 'older is better' whispering in the school halls. I wish it wasn't so, but I believe it is there to some extent.

Anyway, whatever you decide, there is sure to be more excitement to come. Hopefully by being nervous here, you can put on a show of a confident and hopeful exterior to your DD, so she can have that comfort. Not that we can really fool our kids much, but they do appreciate our efforts, I think.

Love and More Love,

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