The school here has three levels of math in 6th grade:

6th grade regular math (which she's done half a year of already in 4th grade)
6th grade "advanced" math (which is technically 7th grade math)
6th grade "Gifted" math (which is technically 8th grade math)

She needs placement in at least the "advanced" math to qualify for gifted science. She will already qualify for gifted social studies, reading and language arts.

They want her to take a placement test they give to ALL incoming 6th graders to determine level. Granted she WAY outscores the 8th grader average on the MAP test for math already (we aren't sure WHY this is---she has trouble with rapid calculation, has not really memorized the multiplication tables but she is good on these tests).

I don't want her to take endless tests, but also don't want to dump her into 8th grade math. She'd be just fine in the "advanced" class, but am bummed out that IF she stayed in 5th grade gifted math next year, she WOULD be in gifted 6th grade math and learn so much more. Math isn't her favorite, granted.

This morning she told me she is 100% for going to the 6th grade. I haven't been sleeping because of the stress of this and other things so that made my day.