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Is there no way she could go to the after school program with the younger kids. That would be ideal because she'd be given the opportunity to spend some time with her friends.

The current elementary school after school program doesn't have her friends in it (they all go home every day and I work three days a week in the office). I think the issue is where she would go the 50 minutes between middle school dismissal and elementary school dismissal. I believe there are after school programs for the middle school (they were mentioning them to me yesterday). It is all pretty new and I don't have all the info yet. I am just leary of sending her to a "teen program" with 12-14 year olds.

My son was accelerated mid year from 1st to 2nd and it worked out fine. But he is completely the most outgoing and social kid there is. He adjusted in 30 seconds. But it seems a bigger deal once they get older. And DD is tiny---10% percentile in hieght (we call her fun sized). I half jokingly told her she should try out for cheerleading in middle school because she'd always be at the top of the pyramid. She looked straight at me and said in her serious voice: "you recall I'm afraid of heights."

Ah well.