"I would recommend that you look into the Iowa Acceleration Scales Manual. It takes all of the emotion and opinion out of the possibility of accelerating and gives you concrete points to consider."

Yes, that is EXACTLY what we did today (for two hours!). We had the district superintendent, the middle principal, the assistant middle school principal, the school pyschologist, the school social worker, her current 4th grade teacher, her current 6th grade teacher, and two gifted somebody or others from the middle school and we all walked though that puppy one question at a time.

She scored a 60 (so excellent and recommended for acceleration).

Catherine's thoughts on this (other than her comment that she'd been asked her thoughts 5 times recently) is that she is interested but nervous. She has finally made a few friends (who all live nearby) and she'd miss the big 5th grade overnight trip. I'm more concerned I guess with a very petite little bookworm in the big halls, full time, with older and more "worldly" kids.

Homeschool is not an option, and yes, can all be reversed. They plan regualr "mental health" kind of check ups to make sure she isn't miserable. My son skipped 1st to 2nd and this is what they do for him at school.

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