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You want to be "world class" and this is your work ethic.

It's not so necessary for getting a good job in my experience. Again, I got a fairly good job by winging it at their interview, I graduated college (which was a top college) again while putting in less than an hour each day and skipping all of my classes because I preferred to teach myself, and because I kind of disliked the study material. I see most smart people getting into jobs without working too hard. Even at jobs, if they are smart enough, they can afford to be lazy.
Why the hell do you keep twisting my words out of context? I didn't study in college because I wasn't interested enough in the material.

In the quote, I was countering your claim that you need to work hard to get a stable job etc. Family, yes, but a lot of that is unavoidable -- like, you need to spend 30 minutes if you want to cook, or 1 hour if you want to go to the gym every day. This is not real intellectual work, it is work which keeps you busy for X amount of time.

You also completely forget the part where I said I'm working hard for 2-4 hours a day to try to achieve my goals. And diminishing returns set in after a while -- you would know this if you ever worked hard in your life. I know a professor, and he agreed with me that 4 or 5 hours was the most he could work productively in a day. Andrew Huberman said on his podcast that he worked 3 hours a day.

Okay, how about this? Define "work". I'm talking about deliberate practice, without distractions, constantly aiming to get better at a skill or trying to solve hard problems, not repeating the same stuff ad nauseum.