This is my first post. Glad to have found this forum. I hope this is posted in the right place.

My district is pro acceleration. Today we had a meeting regarding DD10 who is currently in 4th grade. The outcome of the meeting (long story short) is recommendation to promote her to the 6th grade in the fall.

I would love to hear from parents who have experience the elementary school to middle school leap.

A few factors for background:
--DD10 has been taking 6th grade gifted reading at the middle school for the past year. Just one class and she is doing fine (A+ no problems otherwise).

--The middle school is physically attached to the elementary school so staff access on both ends is possible.

--The school provide a gifted counselor, school psychologist and social worker. All are part of her "team" of coordinators.

--DD10 is profoundly gifted. Her WISC-IV scores were:
Verbal Comprehension Index 151 >99.9%
Perceptual Reasoning Index 141 99.7%
Working Memory Index 110 75%
Processing Speed 126 96%
Full Scale IQ 144 99.8%

Global Ability Index 156 >99.9

--ACT Explore taken this year: 99th percentile all subjects except math (75th) (percentile compared to 8th graders.

--MAP scores have her off the charts for even 8th graders in math, reading and language arts with a lexile of 1300+

Her teachers all say she will be fine but I am her mom and while I am honored to have such a bright daughter, I don't want her to be the smartest loneliest kid in school.