There have been a few recent posts addressing the pros and cons of labels (below), so I'll stay off my embrace-the-label soap box (especially since polarbear always says it better!). But to echo comments above, I can't resist adding that:

1) DD8 has blossomed with her labels (dyslexia, ADHD-I) and targeted remediation. Her teachers recently could not say enough about her extraordinary new confidence, cheerfulness, willingness to try hard things and take on risk, and just general radically-improved attitude.

2) Her school and teachers - who have always been lovely and supportive and have tried hard to help - nonetheless treat her quite differently now that they explicitly recognize disability and anxiety-driven behaviours, rather than seeing it as non-interest and oppositional behaviour. Now that they're trying to fix the right problem, she is far more willing to accept help. Suddenly, they can see how hard she is trying, and also how the stress of being unable was causing her to push people away when they're trying to help her. Also, her report card suddenly reads like dyslexia 101: a child who excels at understanding and oral contributions but struggles with reading and writing. Previous reports simply described a mediocre performer, missing both highs and lows - and really, missing the child entirely.