I just think of it as how humans handle or process information; we categorize, classify, compare, say it is more like this and less like that in order to have a way of communicating our understanding to date. The labels are not the endpoint; it can be a helpful beginning to a solution for a plan or approach or next step, etc.

I find the printing / handwriting issue fascinating; it is sometimes an issue for us, too. Maybe our brains move faster than our hands? We keep thinking, in the future, it may be a non-issue. Presumably, we could be so much more productive if what we are communicating is at the speed of thought rather than hand.

Gifted kids tend to 'get labeled' right at the beginning of social activity simply because the largest group in the middle always point out our differences, might bully us, and try to assimilate us into the bigger group; in adolescence, it is called peer pressure, but even as adults there are pressures to conform to ways of behavior.

As far as I know, in any society, the percentage of intellectual types is always less than the other roles people might play in groups. Maybe in some way, it is natural (by natural design) that if everyone was a more cerebral type it would not benefit groups overall, even though it might mean less labeling.