I am dealing with issues, and need help understanding. Why do we have to label our children in order for them to get them the help they need. I have 4 kids, one with Down Syndrome who received her diagnosis a couple of days after birth. She is also the only one not in the gifted program. The other 2, who are extremely creative, and considered very bright, had to have a diagnosis in order for them to complete the work they didn't finish during class, at home or after school, rather than being punished during recess. I have one that due to awesome teachers has escaped from being labeled, until this year in 10th grade. It is not that we were not aware, we were reassured that although it would cause difficulty, there wasn't a test for it, and that teachers can easily spot it and offer suggestions for their class. This has been the case until recently. His issue? Dysgraphia, which we have always called "Doctors handwriting". An issue that has been blatantly obvious, needs a diagnosis so he can have an alternate means of showing his work in algebra 2. I am having trouble with this because even though a diagnosis exists now, and I'm sure he will have no difficulty receiving it, is it necessary. My children can not be the only ones this is happening to. My concern is that there is no such thing as normal, and we all have weaknesses. Kids already struggle with being different, while trying to fit in. My parents use to console me and reassure that there was nothing wrong with me, but I have to tell my children the opposite. I am struggling to understand how this diagnosis, at this time, will help, rather than hurt.