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Also, last year his teacher did reading assessments and said he tested to the O level. I asked her if that was where he hit the ceiling or where she stopped the test. She said her book only went up to O and the very next day she sent DS to the reading specialist who said he was at an R or beginning 4th grade, I think.
Good for you for asking about the ceiling issue. It so amazes me to watch teachers makes statements like 'he tested to O level' without batting an eye, sadly this is normal moral behavior from a teacher's perspective.

Good for your particular teacher that she got the reading specialist on the job so quickly - in school time 'the next day' is truely amazing, and like '30 seconds' in your life. She didn't have to do that, she could have stuck to her position defensively, which is a really good sign.

Still I hate it that if you hadn't asked, she wouldn't have done it own her own.

That whole 'unbiased' approach thing is frustrating, but can work for certian children. Still I agree that once the issues arose, it would be nice if she had taken a peek. What I hear as translation is: "I don't really understand what's in those folders, so I don't open them." Which I can sort of understand.

The big question is 'how far up would he have to go for reading to find a room with a reading group that's working at an R level.' I know Math is on your mind, but don't ignore Reading. Kids like this can 'jump ahead' wildly and unpredictably, and deserve to learn with readiness-peers in every subject.

((shrugs and more shrugs))
Looks like you are on the right path.

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