A little more background on the situation. The school has a complete file on our DS that includes a psychological evaluation from his Kindergarten year, including achievement testing, IQ (140 on the WPPSI), and a battery of other tests. His achievement testing showed better results than the IQ. The teacher told me she was given the file at the beginning of the year and she chose not to read it. I get that she was trying to form an unbiased opinion of DS, and yes, the report is older now, but after you see behavioral problems and complain that the child " can't attend to anything" you think she would be more interested. I'm actually more concerned with the math he is being asked to do than the reading because that is where he really is a superstar.

Also, last year his teacher did reading assessments and said he tested to the O level. I asked her if that was where he hit the ceiling or where she stopped the test. She said her book only went up to O and the very next day she sent DS to the reading specialist who said he was at an R or beginning 4th grade, I think. He actually didn't even enjoy reading last year and it wasn't until we cracked the Percy Jackson series this summer that he really got into it.

This is a public school in a district that has no mandate, funding, or even recognition for gifted education. My plan is to get the grade skip I've asked for in the past or get him complete and total differentiation in math. The school subscribes to an on-line math program and every child is eligible for a username and password. She does not use this in her classroom however, and when I asked if it was an option for him she didn't respond directly, which gives me hope, as she didn't say no outright.

The principal knows me and my child. I've made it a point to be a stalwart volunteer at the school. We'll see if it helps! Stay tuned....