Ok, with so much talk of skipping, I had to reread my post to make sure I had not made a typo. I do NOT want DS to skip K as I do not believe his language skills would support it. I just took the schools mention of skips as a sign that they would be flexible. I am concerned about DS only having about 8 skills in the K curriculum left to master. I do want the school to do something in the area of math & science. Still, we did not get that far with the principle before hearing the wait till fall line. This is a guy who thinks DS could have started K last year. To me it just make sense to plan ahead.

I keep coming back to getting DS tested. I have had plenty of people tell me that is what we need to do next & it seems like a logical next step. But then today I talked to a Ed. Psychologist who told me not to bother testing unless I know that the school will do something with it. That was very demoralizing.

I know that I worry a lot & I try not to but it is just part of my personality. Honestly, I hope I am overreacting. I hope that he has a wonderful teacher & that things go very smoothly. I guess I just don't expect it. frown