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But then today I talked to a Ed. Psychologist who told me not to bother testing unless I know that the school will do something with it.

hmmmmm......I'm certainly no educational psychologist, but as a parent of HG(+) kids, I've found the test results to be very helpful in terms of how I parent them.

I guess an example would be the work that they get to do at home that I chose for them based on what I know about their cognitive abilities(IQ test) and interests/academic skills(out of level achievment test).

There is NO way I would have DREAMED of giving them what they are currently working on(and loving!!) if I didn't have that info. It's great info to have if the school will take notice of it, but I'd also say it's worthwhile just to have so you know what you're dealing with. There are a lot of social/emotional isssues that sometimes go hand in hand with being gifted.

Skipping is one option, but there are plenty of other options as well. smile