Purpleheather, I feel your pain, my DS was the same way. His 2nd grade teacher said if she couldn't answer a science question, DS always knew the answer. I did science in his class from time to time and a kid asked a question that I didn't know the answer to and up comes DS's hand! Yep, he knew the answer. I knew they could not meet his needs in science and it wasn't the area he complained about. His trouble area as for as boredom is math....he abhors (I can't say that strongly enough) any review in math, hates any practice in math using worksheets, hates computation but likes thinking and problem solving. So that was always what he complained about in school. HOw he felt about math colored his entire day (unless they were doing science - that made the day better). It's odd b/c he's no where near as mathy as many kids here.