Well, I may have celebrated too fast. Turns out that while the person Dh spoke with yesterday had taught K for 10 years she is not one of the current teachers. No big deal & I was still optimistic. Hey this school is still saying that they have done grade skips and they don't want their kids to be bored. It felt like a great start.

Then DH talked to the principle this morning and that is where my optimism ended. He talked about how great his school is & how wonderful the K teachers are. That one of the K teachers has her doctorate and how they use the Responsive Classroom model. (any idea how well this method works?) And, that we should wait till fall to see if DS is misplaced at that point.

Unfortunately DH seemed content with this while I was very upset. We locked horns over it this am with DH agreeing to read more of the research. He is open-minded & still wants to get DS testing so hopefully we will come to some consensus between the two of us soon.

As far as the school, are they kidding? Wait till fall? This is the kid that has been adding since he was three. He knows 95% of the Science/Math/Tech curriculum now. There is also a ton of stuff he knows not even listed for K. Learn about the seasons? He has already learned about how the tilt of the earth makes the seasons! (He asked!) He would rather talk about tectonic plates forming volcano's & mountains. We are learning the days of the week & the names of all the planets at the same time. He once made me a model of our galaxy out of a blanket. It is not a big jump to say that something might need to be worked out here.

Problem is, he has not mastered all the K language arts skills yet. He is not reading & does not have all his letter names/ sounds. I have heard claims that reading is boring & he does not want to do it. Turns out it is just not easy for him & he does not want to work at it. I have been taking more of a how words work approach which seems to be working. I have no idea where he will be by fall.

Thing is, We did not ask for a grade skip. We just want to work out some sort of plan in advance. Eeerrrr

I am not sure what we are doing next. DH is reading some articles & I guess we will have to go from there. Any suggestions are welcome.