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Better to try, as long as it's not so traumatic that it instills fear in trying very difficult things (aka "perfectionism").
FWIW, I think perfectionism is more easily instilled (was in me!) by never trying things that are too hard. But you the parent have to really, really believe it's OK to try and not succeed yet, and I take the point that this is lower stakes at home than at school (though I don't have virtual school experience and that must be interestingly different).

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FWIW I think software can be pretty sophisticated at recognizing equivalent answers.
Can be, sure - that's why I wrote "understandably" not "inevitably". It's still hard work to make it that sophisticated, though.

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Is the software appealing to 7yo children. I'm looking for the most extremely elementary parts of set theory and logic (and maybe graph theory) just to be aware that these topics exist at all, because they're just not in his courses at all.
It was to ours - not wildly so, but enough that it saw a fair bit of use over a year or so - but of course ymmv. He used to like, for example, making a set of sentences in this interface and challenging me to build a world that satisfied them all, and vice versa.

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